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Pin Swing
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  • Mistral
  • Hibiscus
  • Pacific
  • Tan
  • Black
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Versatile functionality

Featuring a removable top handle, the Pin Swing also includes an adjustable shoulder strap offering multiple ways of wearing.

Swinging sole

The Pin's curved and perforated leather sole evokes the airiness of an equestrian hay bag.

Practical and chic

Taurillion Soft is a larger grained leather, with a matte and smooth finish, perfect for everyday use.

Signature design

Instantly recognisable by its shape, the Pin Swing features a statement D-shaped front pocket.


Pin Swing

Delvaux Pin Swing

Celebrating 50 years of one of Delvaux's most emblematic bags, the Pin Swing collection is now available online and in boutiques worldwide.

Inspired by equestrian hay bags, the original Pin was created by la Maison in 1972. The unconventional design was the embodiment of the liberated and spontaneous spirit of the decade. It freed itself from convention by breaking away from the structured bags of the time. Featuring a uniquely perforated and curved sole, the Pin becomes an ultimately light, unlined hold-all.

Today, the Pin Swing accentuates a perpetual sense of movement with its multifunctional double strap and versatile silhouette. The much-anticipated release embodies Delvaux's dedication to excellent craftsmanship and promises to swing gracefully into every moment.

Our ateliers in Belgium and France make all of our products with extreme care and unparalleled know-how accumulated within the Maison since 1829.


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