Delvaux Palais Royal


Jardins du Palais Royal, 151-154
Galerie de Valois
75001 Paris

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  • Lunedì 11:00 / 19:00
  • Martedì 11:00 / 19:00
  • Mercoledì 11:00 / 19:00
  • Giovedì 11:00 / 19:00
  • Venerdì 11:00 / 19:00
  • Sabato 11:00 / 19:00
  • Domenica Chiuso

The choice of this setting is rich in meaning and evocative references to the history. The Palais Royal, a magnificent noble enclave, was from the 17th to 18th century the most vibrant, bustling and fashionable corner of France.

Since 1815, the location has had only three owners. Delvaux’s predecessors were engravers to the kings of France and to Europe’s aristocracy. Among the early owners was the engraver commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte to create the «Armorial of the Empire», the imperial collection of coats of arms acquired by Delvaux along with heraldic wax seals and matrices, all crafted on the original site itself and all of which have been preserved in the architecture of the boutique.

The boutique concept is a voluptuous and sophisticated setting, where feminine curves, subdued tones and references to classicism are all prominent.